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Jun 6 2005 / Aaron

How to title aimless rambling

Today I found time to get in several hours on the CRON-o-Meter, mainly work on the new user creation wizard. This little wizard walks through setting up a new user, getting the user’s age, gender, height, weight, and then suggesting some default nutritional targets based on those factors. There’s still lots to be done there, but I banged out some of the basic UI in a couple of hours.

I also managed to get about 2 hours of walking in with J, whilst we discussed the merits of various potential backpacking locales for an upcoming hike. It’s hard to find a good trail that meets all our criteria. It has to offer about seven days worth of hiking. It has to be accessible by a single car (i.e a loop or terminus near public transport back to car). It needs to be close enough to get to (ex: Canadian Rockies), and of course it shouldn’t be a hike we’ve already done (West Coast Trail, Sawback Trail, etc…). Its surprisingly tough to meet all these constraints.

I baked up a big batch of Mega Muffins tonight. The apartment smells delicious, if not a bit yeasty.

And of great excitement to me, and soon to the world, I have cajoled my sister into trying out blogging. She’s a great writer and damned funny (no pressure Leah!). I introduce Wander Wuman.

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