Aaron Davidson's Hiking Page (of Doom)

I really love hiking and backpacking. It's become an obsession for me. The more remote, the more greuling the hike, the hungrier, the dirtier, the better! It's nice to connect back to our roots and actually live in nature for a few weeks each year, instead of in our little box houses and apartments in our cement laden cities. And it's pretty and you get excersise as well.

Aaron posing 'mightily' atop the Pulsatilla Pass, in Banff National Park, Canada.

Hiker's Log

Date Km Nights Location Description Photos
June 2004 ~65km 5 Glacier National Park
Montana, USA
Jay & I ripped down to Montana and hiked the belly river bits, and then climbed over stoney indian pass in the snow. someday
August 2003 30km 3 Juan de Fuca Marine Trail
Vancouver Island, Canada
Christine & I hiked the first three nights worth of the south end of the Juan de Fuca trail. someday
August 2003 20km 2 Hector Lake / Hidden Lake
Lake Louise
Alberta, Canada
Christine & I hiked in, forded a river, and spent one night by the gorgeous Hector Lake, then out the next day to hike up to Hidden Lake (near Skoki). someday
June 2003 32km 2 Cline River / Lake of the Falls
near Nordegg
Alberta, Canada
A short hike to kick off the 2003 season. There were no bugs, since it was still cold. The lake was still frozen over and we camped next to a snow pack. someday
July 2002 30km 3 Ice-Line, and more
Yoho National Park
BC, Canada
A leisurely hike with Chris and Jason through the Yoho national park circuit. Lots of nice glaciers up close and personal. A *lot* of climbing at the start. yes, coming soon
July 2002 45km 2 Red Earth Creek / Egypt Lakes
Banff National Park
AB, Canada
A really nice trip through the Egypt Lakes area with Christine. It was a little long for only 3 days of hiking, but it was beautiful. The mosquitoes were nasty and it dropped to about -10 on the second night. Brrr! video
May 2002 77km 6 West Coast Trail
Vancouver Island
BC, Canada
From Port Renfrew to Bamfield. A second trip on the famous West coast trail. This time we did it in the opposite direction. We also had a few days of rain, but mostly nice weather. yes, but not yet...
September 2001 22km 1 Berg Lake Trail
Mount Robson Provincial Park
BC, Canada
My dad and I did a one nighter half-way into Berg-Lake none
August 2001 ~50km 4 Glacier Trail (Nigel Pass, Johnas Pass, Pobokatan)
Jasper National Park, Banff National Park
AB, Canada
Christine, Jason, and I did this hike. --
July 2001 100km 6 Cascade/Sawback Trails
Banff National Park
AB, Canada
Jason & I hiked from Banff (Mt. Norquay) to Lake Lousie village. yes
May 2001 77km 6 West Coast Trail
Vancouver Island
BC, Canada
From Bamfield to Port Renfrew, 7 days of beautiful rain-free weather made this trip paradise. yes
July 2000 80km 4 Sawback Trail
Banff National Park
AB, Canada
Starting at Mount Norquay Ski Area, we hiked through several moutain passes, to Lake Louise. yes