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Feb 16 2005 / Aaron

Your RDA of Vitamin Aaron

Foody intakes today (trying to eat a little more):

2 Sherm’s MegaMuffins (150 calories each),
a Nectarine (70)

Leftover Yams & Kale (260)
150g 1%mf Cottage Cheese (128)
30 grape tomatoes (80)
Almond Raisin Granola Bar (144)

1 Sherm’s MegaMuffin (150)
3 small purple potatoes, steamed (290)
12 brussels sprouts, steamed (100)
melted cheddar (140)
100g low fat turkey (62)
3 cups Mixed salad (125)
1 tbs Greek style dressing (66)
14 g Salad nut sprinkle (pumpkin, almond, sunflower seeds) (80)
Ye Grande Total: 1995 cals

With the knowledge that about 4 or 5 people occasionally read my blog, I’m feeling IMMENSE pressure to post more often. Even if I have next to nothing to talk about. Thing is, I probably have plenty to talk about, but for some reason I can’t imagine why it would ever be exciting enough for anyone to read, most of the time, and so I just don’t write anything at all. I know this drives my dad crazy (hi papa), because he is very vocal about wanting to know what the hell is going on in my life, but getting information out of me is near impossible, especially at long distance.

Yesterday, however, was a very fun day indeed. I took the day off work to attend Aubrey de Grey’s talk at the UofA, on the forseeability if real anti-aging medicine. About 160 people showed up, which was far more than expected. Afterwards, Christine and I had lunch with April and Michael, two CRON folks. I went into uber-sponge mode for the brief visit, soaking up as much knowledge from them as I could. Both of them were completely delightful people.

A lot more cals than usual today, but I got my fat% down and protein% up, so that was good. I’m now at 177 lbs (184 lbs 3 weeks ago). Dropping a little faster than I wanted to, but not at an unhealthy rate.

Those MegaMuffins listed above are the bomb. They are delicious, with no sugar or oils in the recipie. Amazingly nutritious and filling. The only downside is that they are incredibly hard work to make (a huge list of ingredients and lots of mashing and grinding and preparing). Christine surprised the crap out of me by spending all afternoon while I was at work, making them for a Valentine’s day present. What a sweet surprise 🙂

Okay, obviously this diet experiment of mine is occupying a lot of my attention span at the moment. What else can I yap about? Hmmmm. Naw, talking about video games is boring. I’d talk about work, but I don’t want to get mired in the ethics of blogging about one’s workplace. Don’t want to spill the beans on what we’re working on either.

Oh yeah. Was flossing my teeth last night before bed and found MY FIRST EVER CAVITY since my baby teeth, in my back left molar. Right in the top center. I can’t believe it. I brush all the time, gargle listerene, and barely eat any sweets. WTF? Stupid teeth. Seeing the dentist on Monday.

Currently reading: War in Heaven by David Zindell. Book four of a Science Fiction series.


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  1. Chris / Feb 17 2005

    This _War in Heaven_… It vibrates?

    Seriously, though, you could do a lot worse than bookblogging.

    What time did that talk end up being?

  2. aaron / Feb 17 2005

    I have no idea what you mean by asking if it vibrates. I don’t speak that crazy 1337 5p33k that your crazy haXX0r kidz talk these days.

    That talk was totally at 12:30.

  3. Chris / Feb 18 2005

    Damn, man. You should have called 🙂

  4. Kevin Perrott / Feb 18 2005

    I want some of those muffins Christine.. 🙂

  5. daremo-san / Feb 21 2005

    some of us have to read your blog because we are perpetually ignored…

    and it’s 31337. please don’t degrade the lingo.

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