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Dec 18 2011 / Aaron

My Top Song Picks of 2011

I’ve just combed my iTunes playlist for my most played and liked songs of 2011. Here are the winners of the prestigious 2011 Aaron’s Favorite Tracks Awards.

1) Opportunity by Brasstronaut, Album Opportunity EP

Just a kick ass track, amazing on so many levels. Funky and tight, with a depth of layering that rewards multiple listens. I’m very much looking forward to their upcoming album.  Runner up would be Hollow Trees, from the same EP (free download), also a beautiful track.

2) Comedown by Ohgr, Album Undeveloped

Simple, catchy, with a great build towards the end. Me likey. Runner up track: Pissage.

3) Icktums by Skinny Puppy, Album handOver

Granted, Skinny Puppy is an acquired taste, but lets just say I have acquired this taste in spades. Thus, the infrequent treat of a new Skinny Puppy album is always a time of great glee. This track is my pick of the album, with all the madness and chaos Puppy does best. Runner track up is Village.

4) WDKYWMYK by Rabbit Junk , Album Lucid Summations Single

Unnnnngg. Two rocking songs in one really. The first bit, some dub-steppish bad-ass badassery that breaks into a Marylin Mansoneqsue rock anthem. Behold:

5) Please take your hand away by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, Album The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo Soundtrack

My chill out mellow pick of the year. Runner up Parallel Timeline with Alternate Outcome.



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  1. Zaree / Dec 30 2011

    hello Aaron Davidson,
    I have read your post on stackoverFlow just wanna get direction from you on this hope u don’t mind in replying as i find no other way.


  2. Aaron / Dec 30 2011

    You should be asking your question / comments on my post in stack overflow, not here.

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