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Mar 2 2011 / Aaron is open for testing

I’m happy to announce that is up and running for beta testing. This is a web version of my popular diet tracking tool. The web version is now nearly identical in features to the stand-alone version. While it remains in beta, I can’t guarantee data won’t be lost or corrupted — but it’s been quite solid in testing so far.

Existing CRON-O-Meter users can import most of their data by going to the ‘Profiles’ tab of the web version and clicking the ‘Import Data’ button.

So check out my take on the most advanced free diet software for nutrition tracking and calorie counting!


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  1. Chris / Mar 2 2011

    Well, looks pretty, but at least on initial account creation I get an error message:

    An error occurred: 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details

    Not the most useful exception, of course. Hopefully your logs are more verbose. 😛

    • Aaron / Mar 2 2011

      Mmm, actually seeing my logs, looks like I introduced a bug on account creation last night. D’oh! Time for some extra unit tests 🙂

  2. joe / Apr 10 2011

    sorry, not a comment on the web version, but i couldn’t find a support forum for the cron-o-meter binary.

    My question is, in the pie chart it usually just shows protein, carbs and fat. But now there is a fourth slice that is yellow. What is this?

    My stew recipe now reads 34:26:32:08. What is this 08?

    • Aaron / Apr 12 2011

      I’m guessing this was a beef & guinness stew? The yellow slice is calories from alcohol.

  3. wohali / May 19 2011

    Thanks for keeping Cron-O-Meter alive. A plea: don’t abandon the desktop version! Sorry, but I’m not comfortable posting everything I eat online anywhere… 🙂

    • Aaron / May 19 2011

      If the government knew how much broccoli you ate… I shudder to think of the consequences of that information falling into the wrong hands!

      All kidding aside, I have no plans to abandon the desktop version — and it’s open source, so if I get hit by a bus, it’s still there and others could maintain it.

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