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Jan 9 2011 / Aaron

Back on track?

After moving to Ireland, I fell off CRON. I still managed to eat reasonably healthy, but a lot of factors in our lifestyle there made it difficult to count my calories. For one, my office provided free gourmet lunches every day. Being a life-nit, I could never pass up a free lunch, especially when it was such high quality deliciousness. While I tried to stick to the vegetarian and vegetable options, I’m pretty sure there was a lot of butter involved. The second factor was the frequent dinners out with friends and colleagues. We had  a very active social life there, which meant eating out quite a lot. And lastly, and probably the biggest contributor to extra calories, was the drink. Jahy-zus, there were many a pint of frosty lagers and ciders consumed in those four years.  I ended up coming back to Canada 30 pounds heavier than when I left.

Anyhow, I’m back now to preparing my own meals and living like a hermit with no friends, so I should have my calories reigned in on the old regime in no time. And to kick it all off, I’ve just pulled a steaming batch of mega muffins out of the oven — ahh that old familiar smell!

Besides diet, I’m also getting way more exercise than I’m used to. I’ve been out skiing quite frequently since my return and I don’t intend to stop!


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  1. Tim R. / Jan 10 2011

    Welcome home Aaron. Sounds like you are doing well. Good luck on shedding you Ireland bonuses.


  2. Aaron D. / Jan 15 2011

    Err, other Aaron Davidson, you’re the reason the third Google result for my name is I’d, if you would, like my name back. Please.

    –Aaron “Aaron Davidson” Davidson

  3. Terence / Jan 17 2011

    Mega Muffins!!!

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