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Dec 11 2004 / Aaron


Some site updates today. I got some more web space so I uploaded a bunch of old mp3’s of “music” that I wrote in 1998 when I had a burst of musical inspiration.

I also updated my book blog with the last few books I’ve read.

Christine organized a birthday part for me where I got an Xbox and everyone who came chipped in with some games or accessories. That was very cool (thanks everyone!) and also a very brave gift for Christine, who is not a gamer, and already knows well the back of my head. I’ve been playing Halo 2 mostly.

Last month we released a major update to our Poker Academy software. We added new graphics, sounds, features, AI, and no-limit play. It’s been so much fun to work on, I honestly have trouble leaving the office at a reasonable time nowadays. I feel pretty damned lucky to have a job where I can say that. Today is the one-year anniversary of releasing that product.

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