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Jun 22 2007 / Aaron

Poker Academy Prospector

Poker Academy Prospector

Poker Academy Prospector was released this week. It’s a very comprehensive
hand history analysis tool for Texas Hold’em. I worked a little bit on the beginnings of this product last year, so it’s cool to see the finished product today — it has come a long way, with an amazing set of features and killer performance. The guys have really done an amazing job — if you play online poker, check it out!


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  1. harold hedelman / Jun 26 2007

    Not really my website, but, hey, it’s a clue. Anyway, I work at a nonprofit- Spirit Rock Meditation Center- in California. We’re doing a scholarship benefit called “Science and the Dharma” in October and I’m doing some brainstorming research on images for the print/web collateral. Ran across your buddhabrot image and really liked it. Wondering if we might be able to use it or a version?

  2. bill / Jun 27 2007

    Hi Harold,

    Aaron is my son. I took his Buddhabrot image and made a little movie using it. You might be interested, or not:

    Buddhabrot, being a Mandelbrot set on steriods, just blew my noggin.


  3. Bart / Jul 26 2013

    Aaron – I see the Poker Academy website is up again. Is it for real or a scam?

    • Aaron / Aug 12 2013

      No idea, but my guess would be scam?

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