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Apr 4 2007 / Aaron

Vacation Time

Ahhh yes, the hours are ticking down to my first vacation of 2007. Tomorrow morning at 7am, we fly to Malta for 5 days in the sun. w00t w00t!

UPDATE: Naturally Christine has posted voluminous details of our trip. All you’ll get from me besides name, rank, and serial number, is some fun facts like that Malta is crawling with stray cats, and I think instead of Mice they hunt little lizards (geckos?), which Malta is also crawling with.

Maltese Lizard


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  1. Josephine / Apr 4 2007

    I am so happy for you guys. Have a blast. Please, please please leave the phone at home 🙂

  2. Sam / Apr 5 2007

    Ahh yes, Malta, the place where dreams come true.

  3. bill / Apr 13 2007

    Those are the infamous Maltese godzillalizards. They may look harmless but they’d eat you in a sec if they thought they could get away with it. Count yourself lucky that you’re still alive to talk about it. 😉

  4. Bo Chen / Apr 14 2007

    Can I get a HIGHRES wallpaper render of the BUDDHABROT set?

    Can I get a HIGHRES wallpaper render of the BUDDHABROT set?
    See the link above and attached to understand what image of the buddhabrot I am talking about…

    This looks like NASA hubble telescope image or a supernova or something, not at all related to the mandelbrot or the simplistic equation if one didn’t know what one was looking at. And it really does look like a eastern Buddha!!

    However it is really low resolution and low quality. Do you know or can you render another pic just like this one (I like how it is only showing the head and the tip of the buddhabrot and NOT the entire brot) with the colour and other specs exaactly the same but at a much higher resolution so it can be displayed on large monitor and still look stunning? I realize that buddhabrot takes long time to render, and I have searched for HQ buddhabrot wallpapers that look like a supernova, NONE are on the internet… The program Alex Bowsell gave me could not allow me the option to render and then SAVE as .RAW or .BMP, etc …..

    Do you know of any program that render the Buddhabrot? Fractal Extreme is very efficient for the mandelbrot but alas it does not do buddhabrot!

    Please help if you can,
    Bo Chen

  5. Aaron / Apr 16 2007

    Bo, Sure, I will render you a super huge to-specification Buddhabrot image. I charge $100 / hour for my time, and I estimate it would take me about 2 hours work.

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