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Mar 24 2007 / Aaron

Police Tape Border for Swing Components

At work we have many server development systems for internal testing, and of course the main production server. We have internal server administration tools to do all manner of things like starting and stopping the servers, administering accounts, and everything admin-ish you can imagine. Its very common throughout the day to be connecting to all the various environments, including the production server, and sometimes you can forget which server you’re logged into. Naturally, it would be devastatingly bad if you forgot you were actually connected to the live server, and started mucking around, thinking you are on your development server. So when we’re connected to the production server, we make it look very different, so you cannot easily make that mistake. Normally that’s just making the background color a garish pink.
For a new tool I was developing I wanted a cooler looking warning border to put around the window, or any other component that could be dangerous to muck with. So this evening I wrote a Swing Border that looks like police tape.


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  1. d / Mar 24 2007

    it isn’t working.

    i clicked “Detonate” numerous times, but nuthin’ happened.

  2. J / Mar 26 2007

    yeah, that would have saved me a few hours of work a few weeks ago… any kind of warning…not your fancy tape necessarily. (and proud we are of all of them)

  3. bill / Mar 30 2007

    Great fun. Even more fun if Homeland Security gets the joke too. Next time crossing the US border, eeehawwwww. Bring out the rubber glove and bend over, Buddy. Detonate the what? Oh yeahhhh.

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