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Feb 3 2007 / Aaron

The muffins aren’t for now! *

MEGAMUFFINS!!!!! I just popped my first batch of Irish-style megamuffins in the oven. Our new place has an oven, so after running around the stillorgan shopping center this morning, I picked up the last couple of things needed to make them. I got a muffin tray and blender last night in city center, and this morning bought some nutmeg and ginger, and an avocado. My brother sent me some Goji Berries, Hemp Protein powder, and flax seeds for my birthday, so I used those (instead of soy protein and dried cranberries). I found way overpriced rice bran, brewers yeast and psyllium husk at the local health food store.

So these are going to be slightly different than standard issue mega muffins. I had smaller amounts of some of the ingredients, so I added some oats for bulk.

I love breakfast cereals — the good stuff, not the sugary candy stuff. I think I might take most of the dry ingredients for mega muffins and make a mega-cereal mix to try out. I’m thinking it will have oats, wheat germ, flax seeds, hemp protein, brewer’s yeast, goji berries or raisins, and maybe some diced nuts. Yum! A small 40g serving with 125ml of skim milk should pack a good portion of fiber, protein, and nutrients.

* If you don’t understand the title of this post, that’s because it’s an inside joke.


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  1. bill / Feb 3 2007

    What’s the inside joke? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Jette / Feb 4 2007

    I’ve been looking into the megamuffin recipe as I love muffins but hate the non-filling versions I keep trying. Are they really worth the effort of finding all those ingredients?

  3. Aaron / Feb 7 2007

    Jette, They are worth it for sure, and quite dense / filling. They are like eating a power-bar (full of protein, good fats, and nutrients) but tasty.

  4. Sara / Feb 8 2007

    Hi Aaron; I just got pointed at your site by Deborah, and am just dropping in to say hello. I’m just getting to grips with CoM now (am very impressed by it), and my first megamuffins are on the horizon. I’m in the UK too, so am interested in your ingredient substitutions. Cheers! S.

  5. Deborah / Feb 8 2007

    Hi Aaron..that would be me.
    I’m always interested to see what you’ve got going for the Cron-o-meter. Great product. Nicely designed..nice interface..although I do miss have the side by side screen choosing items from the list and adding them to the current day. The way .7 is have a number of extra “clicks” to bring up a food. Just a thought. I did read the why’s so I understand the change. My other big thank you is that you’ve made this a MAC friendly program from the onset.


  6. Aaron / Feb 8 2007

    “The way .7 is have a number of extra “clicks” to bring up a food.”

    Not true!!!! I counted! It’s one less click at worst, and can be done with even fewer clicks than was possible previously, by using keyboard shortcuts. 0.7 is less clicks people! LESS CLICKS!!!!! 🙂

  7. Deborah / Feb 8 2007

    okay, I get it!! Less Clicks. Right
    I’ll use the keyboard commands. I usually do (I work at a computer all day so efiiciency is key) and just haven’t started with COM. I think with the newness of it all (CR etc..) I got really used to the first version I downloaded in Nov. Again, I appreciate all your improvements, it’s been a wonderful program. I use it daily!


  8. J / Feb 10 2007

    I’d better reply with a hearty “har” since I might be the only one who gets the joke in the title.

    Now I’m going to throw a slice of cucumber at the wall and see if anyone notices.


  9. bill / Feb 12 2007

    i noticed J. Now wot’s the joke, Buddy.

  10. bill / Feb 12 2007

    oh wait ……. I get it. Took me a while to navigate old files. RAM is full. Archives are in dissary. But …… I get it now.

  11. Mother of MR / Feb 15 2007

    Hello, Aaron! Thought you might be interested to know that a big oil company here in Calgary is actually doing something good with its money! Talisman Energy has just donated $500,000 to the Alberta Children’s Hospital here to create a senior research position dedicated to fighting childhood obesity, a problem which has reached epidemic proportions. The cost of childhood obesity to Alberta’s health-care system in 2000 was estimated at more than $620 million. JD

  12. Mike / Mar 9 2007

    My mouth is watering thinking about these mega muffins I keep reading about. Could you share the recipe, or the resource where I could get the recipe? Thanks, Mike.

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