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Jan 17 2007 / Aaron

CRON-o-Meter 0.7

Ahh, a nice big fat upgrade for CRON-o-Meter. This one has a major change to the main window. I know some people are going to hate the change, so I’m now bracing for impact. They’ll come around…. Besides that, lots of little nips and tucks, bug squashing, and UI improvements made it into 0.7:

  • Simplified main window with pop-up food searches.
  • Improvements to main nutritional summary display.
  • Added toolbar button to copy previous day’s items to the current day.
  • Added toolbar button to return to the current day.
  • Several windows and dialogs are now resizable
  • Search results are scored using a smarter formula
  • Simplified HTML in Nutritional Report export
  • Added cut, copy, and paste shortcuts to selected servings
  • Removed beep when typing a decimal as first digit of a measure
  • Fixed several bugs with save/cancel of foods and recipes
  • Fixed bug in DRI suggestions: Women were being given values for men.


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  1. bill / Jan 17 2007

    It looks absolutely fantastic to me. /b

  2. Cheryl Stone / Jan 17 2007


    I really appreciate all the work you have put into this. It’s generally very easy to use and helpful. However, I have a concern about the new version (7). The foods under “Browse Database” or under “USDA” are no longer in alphabetical order, and it is impossible to find what I am looking for. I understand the top part of the list gets modified based on what I have to enter, but right now the rest of the list seems to be in a confusing order. The last item is a KRAFT coffee product, which is not quite the end of the alphabet in terms of food. Maybe there is some way to sort this list that I haven’t figured out? Thank you very much.


  3. Molly / Jan 18 2007


    I am a former “zone” eater who just realized that CR makes SO much more sense… so I found your AMAZING CRON-o-meter (I formerly used and I LOVE it! As I have no applicable talents to share, I wondered if you have a way set up to accept (admittedly tiny) monetary contibutions from people who really appreciate your hard work and useful tool (and, the fact that there is an aesthetically pleasing Mac OS version!!)? Also, totally unrelated question: Do you know where I can find accurate information about strained yogurt (yogurt cheese)? I have searched and find totally conflicting answers… some people say the nutrition data does not change, others say you are straining away some of the carbs and lactose with the whey, while still others say you are straining all of the protien away with they whey… if you have any suggestions or ideas of where I might look or who I should trust, I would be grateful! Thank you again for everything!


  4. Aaron / Jan 18 2007

    Hi Molly. If you’d like to donate something, I wuld be abolutely thrilled if you would consider making a donation to the mprize. I have no clue about the anwer to your yogurt question.

  5. Andrea / Feb 18 2007

    I am VERY computer illiterate. I love your program but cannot figure out how to enter a food not in the database. When I go to the new food window, it will not let me enter anything but the name. When I try to highlight a nutrient, it sits there in gray and does nothing. What am I doing wrong?

    I add my thanks for this great program but please help me to use it. By the way, when I click on HELP, a screen appears for about one second and then disappears.


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