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Jan 9 2007 / Aaron


I’ve been oh so very busy, but that’s no excuse to squeeze in a quickie post. We moved out of the Stephen’s Hall Hotel in Downtown Dublin, out to a massive penthouse apartment owned by the company which is next to the office — literally on the edge of the city. It’s open fields in one direction and city in the other. We’ll be there temporarily while we look for our own place. It’s nice being close to work as my commute is a 5-minute walk. However, that’s about all this location has going for it. There’s nothing but traffic and housing out here.

I’ve been working very hard at work on a major server revision that’s very important to the company. I can’t say anything else, but it’s a big piece of work. It’s been a slog, but in some sick sort of way, I’m enjoying it too.

Even sicker is that I coded most of Sunday and Monday night on some *major* revisions to the CRON-o-meter. My productivity and creativity comes in waves like this. I’m in one of those super productive high-concentration modes now and code flows from my fingertips like…like…ALPHABET SOUP! My motivation to work on CRON-o-Meter has picked up recently because it’s becoming a popular program amongst CRONies, dieters, and diabetics. Also, the project has picked up a new volunteer coder, Gerald. Version 0.7 is shaping up to be a pretty massive release. We’ll probably have it out the door in a few weeks.

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  1. haesel / Jan 9 2007

    I love Cron-O-Meter. Thank you for creating and always improving on it! I am wondering how we know when to weigh food cooked, or raw? If the COM says ‘cooked brown rice’ for example, I weigh the brown rice cooked. But if it says ‘boiled broccoli’ I weigh it raw, then boil it. Is there any way to know when to weigh the cooked food? Is chicken and other meat to be weighed raw or cooked? Are any of the foods to be weighed cooked?

    Thanks again for all the beneficial work you are doing for all of us!


  2. Sam / Jan 10 2007

    I had a piece of cake today, I think it had like 5000 calories in it. Guess I’m good for a few days then.


  3. syntaxia / Jan 10 2007

    Hi Aaron,

    I’ve been using the CRON-O-Meter for three days now and just wanted to drop you a line saying it’s an absolutely amazing tool! It’s convenient to use, but it’s much more than that; in cases like mine it might just be the missing link between feeling that you should pay more attention to what you eat and actually doing so.

    I’ve tried some other nutrition-analysis programs before, but nothing comes close to CRON-O-Meter in terms of usability and content 🙂

    And I read your impressions from Dublin with interest; I remember making all these observation myself when I moved here over a year ago. I’m wondering how you survived living near Temple Bar for so long 😉


  4. Jon / Jan 10 2007

    Just starting using the CRON-O-Meter and a like it! I’m not a CRONer (not yet anyway) just an ONer for now.

    The hardest part now is setting the targets for nutrients. By default, many of the nutrients have no target at all and others, like the unsaturated fats, seem to be set far too low (at least for people zoning). Guess I need to start doing some research to find out what exactly to set this thing too.

  5. Deborah / Jan 16 2007

    Hi Aaron,
    You’re doing a fabulous job with the CRON-O-meter. I’ve been using it since early November. I can’t wait for the next update to see what you’ve come up with. I hope it’s okay that I’ve been posting screen shots of my COM for all to see of my daily food lists. It’s a very nice graphic. I’ve also put the software link on my page too.

    Thank you again!

  6. Aaron / Jan 17 2007

    Hi Deborah. Thanks for the positive feedback. Of course you can post screenshots all you want.

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