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Dec 4 2006 / Aaron

CRON-o-Meter 0.5.0

Another minor bump to the software:

* Fixed a bug that could lead to corruption and loss of food history
* Reworked the flow of the target settings
* DRI calculations added for calories
* P:F:C nutrient targets default to 30:40:30, with customizable ratios

Download it here.


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  1. Tony / Dec 7 2006


    You meant to say P,F,C ratios of 30,30,40 instead of 30,40,30.

    CRON-o-meter keeps getting better. Thank you. This is a great public service. You should take at least $30 off your tax liability for each copy of the program that gets downloaded!

    Two comments:

    1) Currently, CRON-o-meter counts fiber as 4 calories per gram toward the total energy. Since fiber is essentially non-metabolizable, the grams of fiber should be subtracted from the grams of carbohydrate before multiplying times four, i.e.,

    Carb_calories = 4*(total_carb – fiber)

    2) Also, I noticed that there are no checks on minimum levels of proteins or fats. When I set the percentages of protein and fat to zero, the carbs become 100% which is mathematically correct, but nutritional suicide. Neither the “Set” nor the “Set to Dietary Reference Intakes” button issues a warning that protein and fat are necessary nutrients. There should be a pop-up warning issued when the target amounts of protein or fat are too low. Using the user’s weight, you can issue the warning when the protein target is below 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. For fat, you can issue the warning when the target is less than 15 grams per day, which is the requirement for EFAs.

    I have coded an on-line macronutrient calculator that tries to take these factors into consideration:


  2. Willemijn Davidson / Dec 12 2006

    Hey Aaron,

    We have the same surename. Just wanted to tell you that!

    Bye, Willemijn

  3. bill / Dec 13 2006

    same here

  4. carol / Dec 16 2006

    Quick question — screenshots show Exercise tab, but when I downloaded & installed, it wasn’t there. Also, the “add food” to recipe button doesn’t show (or I missed something).

    Otherwise — this is a terrific tool!!! I love it!

  5. Aaron / Dec 19 2006

    Carol — the screenshots are of an older version. It had a blank ‘exercise’ tab (a planned feature that I have not gotten around to implementing yet). It’s since been removed to stop teasing people.

    You can open up a recipe in the recipe editor and there is an ‘add food’ button next to the ingredients list.

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