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Oct 22 2006 / Aaron

CRON-o-Meter 0.4.0

I had some time today to poop out a minor update to the CRON-o-Meter:

What’s new in 0.4.0?

  • Updated CRDB with some new foods.
  • Added resting pulse and blood sugar to Biomarker tracking
  • Now warns you if you are adding a food to a past or future day
  • Report window can display averages from a range of days


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  1. Sara / Oct 27 2006

    Thanks for making the CRONoMeter. Last week I switched from fitday to your program and I like it a lot better. It must have taken a lot of time and work to make, and I wanted you to know that it’s very good and very appreciated.


  2. Aaron / Oct 28 2006

    Thanks Sara — I really appreciate your lovely comment, and it’s the sort of thing that makes working on free software worthwhile. Cheers!

  3. Marina / Oct 28 2006

    Hello! Thank you so much for making this program; I have been using the (paid) for a couple of months now, but it still did not have the full flexibility I wanted — namely being able to set my own RDIs for micronutrients. This program is fantastic and when I launch my new fitness blog this week, I will be sure to send my readers your way! One suggestion: could you include the ability to log multiple blood glucose readings per day (i.e. by time and date, instead of just date)? With the millions of diabetics out there, myself included, that would make this program the true one-stop health program. Thank you again for doing what you do!

  4. umegirl / Oct 30 2006

    Hi Aaron,

    I found your excellent software via New York magazine and “April’s CR Diary.” I’m just dipping my toes into the whole concept of CRON, but I can tell that software is essential to the practice (at least at first), and yours seems to be the best out there. Not to dis anyone, but I tried the demo version of the famous Dr. W’s software and it totally sucked by comparison. So thank you!!! for putting in the time to create such an intuitive high-performance tool.

    Now, I have a question. Maybe I’m just missing this function in CRON-o-meter, or maybe you could point me to another piece of software that’s out there somewhere, but is there any way to search the entire database of foods BY NUTRIENT? When I first powered up CRON-o-meter and entered my quotidian diet, I discovered I am short of nutrients I never even thought about (niacin?? potassium??? vitamin D?). But I have no idea what foods I should be eating to get these nutrients. So what I really need is a function where I could enter, e.g., “Niacin,” and it would return a list of foods that are high in niacin. Any ideas?

    Thank you again and I hope you’re enjoying Dublin!

  5. Rodney / Oct 30 2006

    Umegirl: does such a great job of enabling you to search by nutrient that no one else really needs to go to the trouble of replicating it.

    When you get there click on ‘Tools’ then ‘Nutrient search tool’. It will rank foods by nutrient content for just about any nutrient.


  6. umegirl / Nov 6 2006


    Thank you! is great. I wish it was available as a downloadable tool, since I don’t have an internet connection at home, but it’s good enough for my purposes.

  7. Lilli Rosengarten / Nov 15 2006

    Hello Aaron,
    I am very new to living CRON but have been studying it for years. I downloaded your software ( What a wonderful gift for us). I am a writer but not computer savvy.How can I get instructions or what do I have to do or read to learn how to work it?

    How fortunate you both are to be in Ireland. Many many thanks.

    Sending you both blessings and light, also a prayer for peace. ( I am a 71 year old hippie grandma).

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