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Oct 17 2006 / Aaron

My Kingdom for a MegaMuffin

Our apartment does not have an oven. This means no MegaMuffins. I’m also not sure I could find all the regular ingredients here in Dublin. I’ve found several small nutrition / supplement stores, so I know where to find some of the ingredients. What I need to do is come up with a modified recipe with the ingredients I *can* find and figure out some way to make them using the microwave. I can imagine the mess now.

While I generally consider the gigantic super-mega-everything stores a blight upon North American style cities, it’s a love-hate relationship now. You miss them when they are gone. Dublin is full of small, charming shops (although things are rapidly changing), but consequently it can be difficult to run all over the city to scrounge together the items on your shopping list.

While I’m on the topic of differences, I’ve noticed a refreshing lack of billboard advertising (again, it’s sadly evident that it won’t be long before it converges to the North American state). In American cities, it can seem that every square inch of property has some sort of logo or advertisement on it. The streets and sides of buildings are lined with posters and billboards. The lack of mental pollution is refreshing. I suspect there are laws against billboards because I’ve seen some clever / slimy billboard methods employed on busy Friday nights in the city center. For instance, I’ve seen SMART cars towing billboard trailers that park and idle in available parking spots downtown. It’s awful, becuase they take up prime parking spaces, in busy parts of town. But technically, they are not breaking any laws. Grrr. I’ve also seen them project booze advertisements onto the sides of buildings at night, from projectors mounted from the backs of pickup trucks. You just can’t escape it.


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  1. Brent MacKinnon / Oct 20 2006

    Wow Aaron, you are too much. I am finally touching base with your dad and he sounds so good. He sent me your blog address so I thought i’d check in.

    It’s so good to see you on the cutting edge of civilization and grooving so out there. Most cool, didn’t realize how immersed you are in the blog and techy world.

    Take care, hope you get your megamuffin. Your picture looks kind of Rasputin like. I bet you don’t look like that in real life.

    You take care, and all the best,


  2. april / Oct 27 2006

    NO MUFFINS!!! How are you going to survive???

    Give my love to Christine… hope to see you both soon!


  3. Arturo Veve / Oct 28 2006

    Hi Aaron

    Does Andrea Feucht (Miss Tenacity) ship to Dublin? You could ask her. I make Dean Pommerlau’s megaleather, but I order megamuffins from Andrea. She makes a non dairy version for me, since I don’t take well to milk in products. You can email her at “andrea at tenacity dot net”. Well, I don’t know the international rules of whether you can mail food from the western US to the UK. So maybe you can switch to making megaleather, for which you need a dehydrator. The ingredients are mostly all veggies and you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. You can find the recipe in the “best of CR” web page under recipes. For a vegan variation I substitute a non dairy kefir for the regular kefir in the recipe.

    Aaron, does your chron-o-meter software work on Windows?


  4. Aaron / Oct 28 2006


    I had thought of trying Andrea’s mega-muffins-to-order, but haven’t looked into it yet. I kind of dismissed it, thinking that there might be restrictions, or that the freshness wouldn’t be too great given the extra time it would spend in shipping. In any event, I’m in temporary housing for now, so soon I will find a more permanent apartment or house and I’ll make sure it has a proper oven!

    Thanks for the ideas. I’ve never tried making mega-leather before, but it sounds great!.

    And yes, CRON-o-Meter works on windows. You just have to make sure java is installed first ( )


  5. Portail / Mar 12 2007

    Do you have an easier/smaller/ recipe for “megamuffins” ?
    Perhaps for a mini-mega-muffin?
    Or somewhat-mega-muffin?

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