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Oct 11 2006 / Aaron

Children of Men

Here in Dublin, most of the movies out in theaters are flicks that were released in North America two months ago. On the flip side, we went to see a movie released here first, which hasn’t opened in North America yet. Children of Men was a stunning film. It was an extremely intense experience. I left the theatre feeling very disoriented, which is always a good sign that you have had a movie experience, not merely watched a show. It’s a sci-fi film taking place in a near future dystopia where a virus has rendered all of humanity infertile. The youngest person on the planet is 18 and most of the world has fallen into absolute war and chaos. Only England has soldiered on and managed to maintain civilized society — by closing the borders and deporting all immigrants of course. I don’t really want to spoil anything, but the film making is fantastic, with some amazing single-shot action sequences through urban warfare reminiscent of the Normandy beach landing scene in Saving Private Ryan. Go see it when it hits theaters.


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  1. d / Oct 11 2006

    thanks for the tip. xan flagged that one as a candidate months ago.

    any word on “the fountain”?


  2. Aaron / Oct 11 2006

    Haven’t heard of that one yet…

  3. d / Oct 11 2006

    Darren Aronofsky’s latest (the genius who did Pi, and Requiem for a Dream).

    Ignore the number — it’s the result of IMDb’s horribly broken anti-rigging filters (it has mostly 10s so far).


  4. Chris / Oct 14 2006

    Children of Men has been on Char’s and my list for some time… it looks loke a very interesting film. I’m glad to hear my expectations borne out.

    Soon, I’m sure… I wonder why the delay in release?

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