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Oct 7 2006 / Aaron

This is a test of the emergency public blogcast system.

I’m abandoning Nucleus for WordPress. Chaos shall ensue for some while as I port things over and re-doify things in the new system. Any wordpress users out there recommend some good plug-ins, especially one that can do a slideshow widget?


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  1. Ridge / Oct 7 2006

    I’d be interested in hearing your (unofficial/general) thoughts on the latest crappy legislation and the fallout. I suspect you were a bit concerned having just picked up and moved… I see that FTP’s statement looks like “business as usual” for the time being, so if you want to generalize that’d be fine by me, but I wouldn’t mind hearing an “insider’s” take, particular a developer…

    Though, to me, the legislation seems fairly toothless and I’m baffled that sites are going to be pulling their US customers.

    I’d also be interested in hearing some technical details on the software/hardware running on a large poker site these days, surely there’s something interesting in that space that you can talk about and I haven’t seen the topic covered…

    Just a thought.

  2. Ridge / Oct 7 2006

    I’m obviously a twit, I see you touched on my first request a couple posts down, which I managed to skip because you were talking about healthy things… 🙂

  3. Chris / Oct 8 2006

    Regarding WordPress:

    By god, man, you’ve already done more creative work on it in one week than I’ve done on mine in years. Write yer own! 😉

    Seriously, though, I haven’t got a lot of photos of my own, so I tend not to pay attention to that kind of thing. I have a whole big pile of plugin goodness going on on my site, personally, and I could send you the list. The one solid recommendation is Spam Karma 2. It’s a godsend. Seriously, best thing ever.

    Other than that, what drove the change of backends?

  4. J / Oct 10 2006

    Oh ho ho. There’s a mouse and he’s BREAKING his CANE. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at that logo and not seen what is going on.


  5. bill / Oct 10 2006


  6. d / Oct 11 2006

    yes j, it was a test, and you flunked miserably.

    i still think it is a little minny mouse sized grappling hook and piton. he’s looking up at the climb.

    required? require this, asshat.


  7. Aaron / Oct 11 2006

    Well, I already had spam-karma installed. I wasn’t about to put up live blog software without kick-ass comment spam filtering. That would have been instant death! It does certainly kick ass.

    I got sick of nucleus for one thing … and I was having trouble migrating Christine’s Blog to, so I installed WordPress for her, and after trying it out for her, decided I liked it way better — easier to use, slicker-looking, and more plug-ins and support.

  8. Chris / Oct 14 2006

    I should have assumed as much.

    There’s just so damned many plugins that there’s no way to ever have the one, right WP setup.

    On a serious note, how is the US’s fucked up vice policy going to affect your new position?

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