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Nov 16 2005 / Aaron

Another CR Side-Benefit

There’s been just a huge amount of new scientific results pouring in on the effects of CR. Recently, there’s been studies showing that CR helps prevent and slow Alzheimer’s and also various Cancers. And today a promising study showing that Restricting Diet May Reverse Early-stage Parkinson’s. It just keeps seeming like this lifestyle is getting smarter and smarter 🙂


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  1. poo poo / Nov 19 2005

    lol, I hope you’re kidding, that’s the biggest crock of conjecture I’ve ever heard. i know a few hundred people who also pick their nose and dine on it, and they have a strikingly low incidence of alzheimers and parkinsons. I a scientist!

  2. aaron / Nov 19 2005

    Ahh, the glorious internet. It produces a limitless supply of anonymous trolling cowards with nothing constructive or positive to contribute.

  3. bilge / Nov 19 2005

    I second the motion.
    I second the motion.

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