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Oct 2 2005 / Aaron

The Muffin Man


  • Flax Plus Bran flakes Cereal (300)
  • 4 cups Coffee (10)


  • Scrambled Egg-Whites w/ Salsa, Broccoli, Zuccini, Cheddar (350)
  • Strawberry Yogourt (150)


  • Mixed Nuts (200)
  • Mega Muffin (150)

Ye Grande Total: 1160 Calories

It seems the days I have spare time to blog are also the same days I make muffins. Today is no exception.

As usual, during my excursion to round up mega muffin ingredients, I was sucked by nerd-gravity into the awesome book store next to the Organic Market. I was then forced to buy yet another book, Ray Kurzweil’sThe Singularity is Near.

Last night Christine and I went to see Audioslave at the collesium. What a freaking kick-ass show! For the uninitiated, Audioslave is a relatively new band comprised of the musicians from Rage Against the Machine and fronted by Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell. I don’t like Audioslave’s mix nearly as much as the two original bands, but they are still darned good. Rage & Soundgarden helped get me through my high-scool years. What abso-fluting-lutely rocked about the concert was that they covered old songs from both original bands. So even though I never got to see those bands live before they broke apart, it was the next best thing. On the Soundgarden side, they did Rusty Cage, Spoonman, and Cornell did a solo-acoustical of Black-Hole Sun. On the Rage side, we had Bulls on the Parade, Sleep now in the Fire, Testify, and in the encore, Killing in the Name. OMFG, wonderful. We had a shitty extreme stage-left angle but we were nice and close. Tom Morello (guitar) had a blue jumpsuit on and put it to good use by jumping a lot. Very fun to watch.

We were at the collesium a few weeks ago, to see System of a Down. It was a great show too, but we had nose-bleeder seats so mostly I had to imagine it was a great show.

I ate pretty light today, but haven’t felt hungry. I’m planning to have a little wine tonight during Family Guy and American Dad anyhow. Not that that shit needs booze to be funnier.



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  1. Patrick / Oct 12 2005

    The Masses want more!!! Once a month is not good enough!

  2. Christopher Walken / Oct 15 2005

    More cowbell!

  3. ian / Oct 19 2005

    man, you sure like muffins.

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