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Sep 10 2005 / Aaron

Another week another push

We just wrapped up Poker Academy 2.0 Standard development this friday. We have two versions, the Pro and Standard. The standard is stripped down and not as powerful or feature complete. But it’s also a whole lot cheaper. You can even find it in Walmart now! We’re hoping PA 2.0 will be a big hit for Christmas. We were under a tight deadline to get it done because the big retail distributors are putting in their orders for Christmas now. If we were a few weeks later, the whole darned ship could have set sail without us. Phew!

I’ve been pumping so much energy into PA, that I’ve been too mentally exhausted to work on my poor neglected CRONOMETER. My apologies to those of you waiting for a working version. It works well enough for me to use to track my daily intake, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be too user friendly yet to someone who doesn’t know which buttons are going to work and so on.

Ate very good so far today. Cheerios & a MegaMuffin for breakfast, and a giant salad and smoothy for lunch. I’m going to a GAMES Group party tonight, where I’ll have to avoid the temptation to snack on all the party food.

Oh and, we’re probably going to be hiring another developer for Poker Academy development soon. If you know any talented programmers in Edmonton area looking for a new job, send them my way. In particular for this position, we’re hoping to find someone with extensive experience in PC game development (VC++, GUI/Graphics, etc…). Noobz need not apply.

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  1. bilge / Sep 10 2005

    Cheerios? Cheerios? What th’?

  2. bilge / Sep 10 2005

    …. AND … a big "Yo!" re: the PA 2.0 Standard Version. Have fun at the geek party.

  3. and proud of it / Sep 12 2005

    "Have fun at the geek party."

    I resemble that remark.

    BTW, Aaron won a game of Blokus (a cool 4-player abstract game) by the largest margin I’ve ever seen. It was all over but the cryin’ about a third of the way into the game. Fortunately, we were able to make fun of him later during AtmosFear, at which he sucked.

  4. bilge / Sep 15 2005

    "I resemble that remark."

    I like geeks. They are all so normal compared to me.

  5. Jessica / Oct 1 2005

    Glad i’ve discovered your blog site. I’ve just added you as a link on my new CRON blog site. Come see!

    Look forward to reading more about you and your adventures 🙂


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