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Sep 4 2005 / Aaron

Yet more yapping about food


  • Egg-White and Veggie Scramble(360)
  • 4 cups Coffee (15)


  • Smoothie (300)


  • Monster Salad (350)
  • Mega Muffin (225)
  • Cottage Cheese (220)

Ye Grande Total: 1470 Calories

I apologize in advance to my readers that are not into CR. This is really only interesting for the other CR bloggers, and perhaps my parents who are either interested in everything I do, or have feigned interest extremely well all my life.

Today was a very light day. I actually just punched all my food in (it’s after midnight), and was only at ~1200 calories for the whole day. So I just grabbed a cup of cottage cheese to round out the day. I think I wasn’t very hungry today because I ate so well. For breakfast I had a huge high-protein egg-white & vegetable scramble, and all that protein must have kept me sated for the day.

For lunch I felt like one of my breakfast smoothies, but was out of most ingredients. I wandered over to the health food store about three blocks from my apartment. I grabbed the bananas and frozen fruit for my smoothies, and while browsing I found a can of AOR’s Essential Mix. It was nice to get my hands on some finally. A scoop of that now goes in the smoothy for my daily shot of extra nutrients.

I was using some other supplements, but I tend to use them sparingly and warily as I’m generally very skeptical of the quality and efficacy of dietary supplements. But I know the guy who designed Essential mix, and lets just say I’m not nearly as frightened to take MR’s magical concoction.

For dinner I had a monster salad, and then I strapped on the apron and whipped up a batch of mega muffins.

So besides food, I’ve been playing on our poker server all day trying to get myself rated in the no-limit hold’em room. You can see my rating on the list now as Aar0nic.


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  1. hamdham / Sep 4 2005

    too bad for me that the minimum hand requirement is set to k+1, where k is whatever number of hands i’ve played.


    btw, i’ve been chowing >100g deli ham a day since you’re comment, in addn to the other protein srcs. it’s cheaper than a W’s jbcb!

  2. yo- papa / Sep 5 2005

    … interesting!

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