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Aug 29 2005 / Aaron

Meery the Meerkat

On Friday I opened a surprise package at work. It was from a young pro-poker player I met when I was at the WSOP in Las vegas last month. A big stuffed Meerkat! Awesome. Here’s a shot of my desk, where I’ve added the Meerkat to my hippie-hiking Sock Monkey and Duke, the stuffed Java mascot, and some Star Wars pez dispensers.

I’m naming him Meery. He’s the meeriest meerkat that ever meered. Meerkat is the project code-name for the Poker Academy software. We all have Meerkat avatars at work and for our posts on the Poker Academy forums. This is the first stuffed meerkat to join BioTools. The fellow that sent me the Meerkat was not aware of the tradition, but BioTools is crawling with stuffed animals, so it was a great fit. All project names are code-named after animals, and during the bioinformatics days projects were mainly named after various primates. We have a lot of monkeys.


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  1. evylunowho / Aug 30 2005

    I like the meerkat, you look like you need a cheeseburger combo….supersized; STAT

  2. evylunowho / Aug 30 2005

    I’ll bet you were all excited when someone commented on your blog, and then saw it was me, and then were like "oh….*sigh*"

    Yes, I’ve had a bit to drink and am in a lounge with wireless and am writing all these comments in between hands on pokerstars……how did you know?

  3. evylunowho / Aug 30 2005

    now I’m just writing to dominate the "recent posts" side bar

  4. evylunowho / Aug 30 2005

    one more should do it…..

  5. demur / Sep 4 2005

    meerkats are overrated. lemurs are where it’s at.

    hey myke: "I call". whoops, you lose *again*.

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