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Aug 29 2005 / Aaron



  • Bob’s Red Mill 8-grain cereal w/ raisins & brown sugar (300)
  • 4 cups Coffee w Half & Half: (20)


  • Frozen Veggie Mix w Cheddar (220)
  • Yogurt (90)
  • Nectarine (70)
  • Plum (35)
  • Cottage Cheese (120)


  • Monster Salad (450)
  • Turkey-dog on multi-grain bread slice (270)

Ye Grande Total: 1575 Calories

Today was a farily light day for food. I ate well this weekend. Christine & I celebrated our first anniversary. We went and had dinner at the Chateau Lacombe at the top of the building (24th floor), which is circular. This is Edmonton version of the Las Vegas Stratosphere, as the retaurant rotates about once per hour, giving you a great vista of the entire city during your meal. It was a really fun time. We’ll definately go back sometime in the winter, at night to see what it looks like in the dark. We went because we had a gift certificate from Chris from our wedding last year. Thanks Chris! That was great. Here’s the really cool part though: While we were up there looking down, Christine exclaims “It’s Chris!”. Sure enough, peering down at the bus stop below, we could see a tiny figure wheeling around elegantly on roller blades, dressed all in black (except from some white logo on the front shirt) and waiting at the bus stop. We’re pretty sure it was Chris, catching the bus to the Saturday night roller-rink thingy he does. I can’t wait to find out if it really was — that would be dah bomb!

In other news the latest issue of PC Gamer (October 2005) has a new review of Poker Academy Pro 2.0. 88% baby! Again, the cross-reviewed it with two other poker games, which scored 70% and 42%. Hah! Not only did they have the review, but they also mentioned us favorably in a preview of STACKED, an upcoming blockbuster poker game that incorporated our poker AI. And they also have a contest in which they are giving away 5 copies of Poker Academy Pro 2! Also really cool is that for the last two weeks, Apple has been featuring PAPro2 as a premium download on their software pages.

I’ve been working a lot lately on trying to help build up the community of poker players on our online server. This weekend I got a player ratings system in place. Now all games played on the system run through my little analyzer and players that play well are ranked higher. This serves many purposes. It gives the players something to play for — ego. It lets a player rank themselves and learn where they truly stand in skill, relative to the other players. It also lets us control the games — we can make special tables where only highly rated players can play, thus filtering out all the poor players who don’t take the game seriously.

Christine works at a Holiday Inn Express downtown as a Banquet and Catering coordinator. It sounds like a very stressful place, the hotel industry. After hearing so many stories, I had to make her watch some Faulty Towers last night. Ahh, good times.

I have a bunch of stuff to post later. Hopefully I can get to it tonight.


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  1. chris / Aug 30 2005

    Actually, it’s funny — I was reading the very same PC Gamer Sunday on the ferry back from Victoria, and thinking "Kick ass!"

    Good job.

    And congrats, etc…

  2. evylunowho / Aug 30 2005

    I’d be number one on the poker thing if I was INVITED….FU former colleague. And the revolving restaurant was most disappoitning when I went "I’ll have the boar" "oh, sorry we don’t have that tonight" "oh, ok, the pheasant then" "oh sorry, not in season" "oh fucking hell, give me a big mac then you idiot"

    and that’s pretty close to how it went.

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