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Aug 13 2005 / Aaron

Chow Down

I’m currently chowing down on a massive monster salad. This one is about 6 cups in size consisting of baby greens, cabbage, asparagus, raddishes, green peppers, carrots, grape tomatoes, onion, cucumber, mixed beans, and of course my patented dressing.

For lunch today I tried a dish I think I got from April: Egg whites scrambled with Salsa. It smelled nasty while frying and looked just like vomit with blood in it. But then I tried it and it was fantastic.

I also just popped a big ol’ batch of Mega Muffins in the oven. The apartment is smelling yeasty. Mmmmm.

Tonight Christine & I are getting all dressed up and going out to the local Industrial-goth-dance club. We first met in one of those clubs about 8 years ago. We rarely go out to clubs now being all adult and lame and stuff. But it is nice to revisit the angst-ridden days of our late teens / early twenties. I was never that angstful or goth or anything. I even enjoyed making fun of all the misanthropic ‘non-conformists’ all dressed alike, an army of dark moping soldiers. I was there for the music. I’d often show up dressed in a spam shirt and yellow pants or some such silly outfit. I think my statement was lost on them, but it was fun nonetheless.


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  1. Josh12 / Oct 19 2005

    A little of both.

  2. Josh 12 / Oct 19 2005

    why is everything so damn interresting?

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