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Jun 15 2005 / Aaron



  • Blueberry Banana Smoothy (350)
  • 2 cups Coffee w Half & Half: (50)


  • Cottage Cheese (120)
  • Yogurt (50)
  • Apple (80)
  • Mixed Veggies (280)


  • Couscous (170)
  • Baked Beans (240)
  • Mixed Nuts (170)
  • Deli Turkey Breast (40)


  • Nature Valley Granola Bar (190)

Ye Grande Total: 1740 Calories

Ahh, my sister is too funny. I’ve had more than one friend tell me already they are switching from readingmy blog to reading hers, unless I funny mine up more. Unfortuantely, I’m more into goofy faces and other physical humor that doesn’t translate well to text. I’m making a hilarious face right now. It’s a riot, trust me.

We’re gearing up to release Poker Academy Pro 2.0 at the WSOP in Las Vegas. We’re all going down there for the world series. We’ll have a booth at the Rio July 5th-10th, demoing the product. The whole company is going, and we’ve got custom Poker Academy shirts made up for the occasion. It should turn out to be a lot of fun. We’re all super excited about the trip, and the release of 2.0, which we’ve been working on for the last 5 months.

We’re also trying to figure out if we are going to compete or sponsor (or be involved somehow) in a big World Series of Poker Robots competition scheduled July 12th-15th in Vegas, at Binions. It’s looking to be a high publicity event (the $100,000 prize doesn’t hurt), and has already made the front page of the LA Times.

I checked my blood pressure while grocery shopping last night and it was a respectable 120/80. Hoorah!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got about half a kilogram of vegetables to eat for lunch.


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  1. bilge / Jun 15 2005

    Along with the "custom Poker Academy shirts" I think you should have secret handshakes and decoder rings.

  2. bilge / Jun 16 2005

    … and of course, CONGRATULATIONS on the timely release of PA 2.0!!!!!!!!

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