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May 31 2005 / Aaron

Coming up for Air


  • Bob’s Red Mill 8 Grain Cereal w/ Skim Milk, Raisins, Blue berries, and Brown Sugar (300)


  • Rice Cake Turkey Gouda Sandwich (230)
  • Apple (70)
  • Kiwi (50)
  • Yogurt (50)
  • Carrots (20)
  • Grape Tomatoes (20)


  • Vegetable Soup (260)
  • Mixed Veggies & Cheese (150)


  • 2 cups Coffee w Half & Half: (50)
  • Brazil Nut (30)
  • Tim Horton’s Blueberry Muffin (340)
  • Nature Valley Almond Granola Bar (190)

Ye Grande Total: 1760 Calories

I’m surfacing breifly this evening to update the blog. Did more house-buying arrangements today, and yet more scheduled for tomorrow. We’re all working hard o’er at BioTools this week. We really want to get our next version done and ready to sell at this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas. We’ve all been putting in some pretty long hours to make it so. I had to claw Terry away from his computer this evening arounf 9pm, and make him go home. We’re a dedicated crew 😀 I think it will be worth it. I know as soon as this puppy ships I’m heading for the mountains for som RnR.

I’ve had little chance to work on the CRON-O-Meter, but I did manage to squeeze in a bit and hang out with my cohort a bit this weekend for some dev planning. Chris has set up a nifty project management tool called Maven, which generated the project website above.

….Still eagerly awaiting my sister Leah to start blogging….

I’m currently chowing down on some late din-din consisting of my latest CR staple that I make when I need some good food fast. A bowl full of microwaved frozen veggies (a huge mix: brussels sprouts, broccoli, carrots, peas, corn, geen beans, onions, and peppers). I mix in about 75 cals of cheddar and some chilli peppers to spice, and if I feel I need some Omega-3’s, I dribble on a little flax oil. Takes about 3 minutes and it’s damned good (for it’s class).

I’m starting to feel downright skinny — I’m now at 156 pounds (started the diet in late January at 184 pounds). As MR said, a lot of my weight loss wasn’t from obvious fat deposits, but from fatty layers wrapping my internal organs. I didn’t have much of a belly, but what was there is now gone and I’m a lot leaner looking and smaller. I’ve been hitting the gym a few times a week to build some muscle back.

Sorry for the ramble. Like i said, just coming up for air. Back to swim with the fishies!

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