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May 11 2005 / Aaron


If you like moves that make you think, that don’t hold your hand, and force multiple viewings just to undestand, then do yourself a favor and go rent Primer. This low-budget ($7000) indy movie turned a lot of heads at the last Sundance, and for good reason. It’s one of the smartest science fiction movies I’ve seen. The script is superb and the acting and dialog is incredibly natural and realistic, capturing the personality and dynamics of engineers perfectly. It’s also a total mindfuck. This movie actually has multiple penises enabling it to simultaneously mindfuck you through any of the available orifices that lead to your brain.


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  1. primed and ready / May 12 2005

    I watched this film with Apr0n. Then I watched the director commentary, then the cast and crew commentary (the phrase "cast and crew" is amusing, because the cast *is* the crew). Then I watched the film again. Then I watched the last 20 minutes again. Then I went back to certain scenes, paused, and scratched my head for a while. I think I understand about 75% of it now…

    Intelligence is not cumulative. The intelligence of a group is inversely proportional to the number of people in the group. That is why a major studio could _never_ produce something as tight and as clever as this film, even with 20000 times the budget (which is a typical amount).

    – Darse.

  2. Samuel / May 16 2005

    I just watched this film, and it was really good. Like aaron said, I thoroughly enjoyed the gang banging of my brain. I must watch a few scenes again, then maybe the whole thing again to really grasp what in the hell is going on. The dialogue is totally natural, and I kinda wonder how much adlibing was happening. Anyways, go, watch.

  3. Marcus Butler / May 20 2005

    I’ve just come across your website while searching for information about Poker Bots. I’m deeply offended by the flagrant referal to yourself as ‘Spaz’. My girlfriend suffers from Spastic Paraplegia which I’m sure you are aware is a disturbing neurodegenerative disorder. This website mocks people who have such an afliction. Given your standing in the community and the fact that you are obviously educated, this is an absolute disgrace. This is not funny or amusing. Why do you feel the need to mock people who are less fortunate than yourself? I am looking forward to your sincere apology.

  4. bilge / May 21 2005

    Hi Marcus,

    Just read your comment regarding the use of the word "spaz". I can see your point and can relate to it thoroughly because I have a chronic, acute and disabling pyschiatric illness, complete with frequent hospitalizations, inability to work and so on. I also have am a Tourtetter. I feel this gives me some perspective on your concern.

    Some days I cannot go anywhere or turn on the tv without hearing people call each other "crazy", "psycho" or say, "You belong in the nut house" … that kind of thing. "Schizophrenic" is often used when describing things with 2 oppositional qualities … even though schizophrenia is not a so-called "split personality". "Have you forgotten to take your meds today?" is often a joke hurled at someone who is acting goofy. And so on and so on and so on.

    Those kinds of things used to cause me great distress until I learned to differentiate between humour and malintent. If there is no malintent, I usually just let it go and try to remain light. Sometimes I inform people about what they are saying, sometimes not.

    You have assumed malintent it seems. I have had the opportunity to get to know Aaron and feel confident in saying that he is kind, compassionate and generous and without malintent. I am not certain of the origin of his usage of the term "spaz", but you might ask him.

    Using terms like "absolute disgrace" and "feel the need to mock people less fortunate" I feel that you are making erroneous assumptions, implying motive and denigrating where is no malicious intent.

    These styles of humour have filled our informal language and conversation and are not necessarily used with the ugliness that you have attributed in this instance.

    By your last statement regarding an apology, you have eliminated the possiblity of an apology arising unprompted … which is the hallmark of a genuine apology.

    I am concerned that my point of view be entered here as I feel your comment doesn’t help any of us.

    I sincerely wish your girlfriend and yourself the best that is possible.

  5. Anomonys / May 21 2005

    Bilge is right, Marcus. I found your message quite assuming and malicious. Try not so be such an ass the next time you have an opinion.

    Bildge’s letter to you is an exellent example of how to state an opinion in an un-asslike manner. I think you could stand to take a few pointers.

    I sincerely apologize to anyone who has an ass.

  6. bilge / May 22 2005

    Heya Anomonys, I think you’re being a little rough there. Ass? Huh?

    Spastic Paraplegia is a hellish disease. I admire Marcus for standing up for his girlfriend, though I think he jumped to an erroneous conclusion and his style won’t win over too many people.

  7. Chris Hubick / May 23 2005

    Marcus, I have known Aaron for quite some time, and I can assure you, if he was attempting to denigrate anyone with that term, it was definitely himself.

    And besides that (from

    Main Entry: spaz
    Pronunciation: ‘spaz
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural spaz?zes
    Etymology: by shortening & alteration from spastic
    slang : one who is inept : KLUTZ

    The slang ‘inept’ form of this term is in common enough use to be in the dictionary, so I think a more enlightening exercise might be to examine the psychological roots motivating your post. Don’t take your self-righteous anger out on Aaron.

  8. Samuel / May 24 2005

    Diplomatic language is always the right way to express your self, Marcus, otherwise, your emotions will always get the better of your intentions.

    If your intention was to educate someone on the weight that certain words carry for certain people (ie. political correctness) your reactionary approach to education thoroughly mislead you and your intended point.

    Thanks, Sam

  9. sphincter cop / May 28 2005

    You’re all so reasonable in response to a completely unreasonable attack on a nice guy who has an innocuous self-deprecating humorous nickname.

    Sometimes we should call a spade a spade, and should call an oversensitive sphincter an oversensitive sphincter.


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