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May 5 2005 / Aaron

Blood Pressure Update

Oh yeah, saw my doctor again yesterday. We now think, while my blood pressure is a little on the high side, some of my really high readings (> 150/90), which was what had him really worried, are hopefully just due to me having hyper-sensitive blood pressure. Any kind of excitement or anxiety or adrenaline gets my little ticker thumping (my friends are all familiar with my bulging superorbital veins that can appear on my forehead when I get worked up). Anyhoo, he’s told me to start some serious cardio-training (3 times a week) and I’ll go visit him again in three months to see how it has helped. I dusted off my mountain bike this morning and biked to work, which is only about a 15 minute ride.


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  1. name / May 6 2005

    so when your hands shake uncontrollably when you’re playing poker, that means you really *are* about to essplode? cool.

  2. Chris Hubick / May 9 2005

    Pedalhead group rides meet behind the store on Wednesdays at 6pm – they get up to 100 people and split into 5 or 6 ability oriented groups leaving something for everyone. Riding with a group is way fun, and this ride is a great place to start.

    United Cycle beginner rides *leave* from in front of the store Saturday mornings at 9:30am. Being a smaller ride where everyone usually goes together, the skill level is a little more varied and thus slightly higher, but if you are comfortable on your bike and in reasonably decent shape you shouldn’t have a problem.

    If you *really* wanna work on cardio, get yourself a road bike and start a few years training for the ERTC hill ride (Thurs nights from Hawrelack). It’s a blast that will take you up almost every big hill in the city 4 or so times 🙂

  3. Not as Sad as u / May 20 2005


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