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Apr 25 2005 / Aaron

Goodbye comment spammers

After getting deluged with about 50 comment spams for a russian poker site, I just installed a CAPTCHA, (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) in the comments area. Hopefully this will either (a) stop the spam, or (b) lead to an arms race between ever more difficult CAPTCHAs and ever more sophisticated Artificial Intelligence needed to solve them. Either way, I win.

Terry and I have been working in our new office at work, a very big bright room, quite nice really. We moved in there last week. However, every day at around 5pm the ceiling tiles would start dripping on us and our desks. Late last week we learned that each of us has a dentist chair directly above us, and I reckon that at the end of the day when they flush out everything, it overflows the pipe system and dumps a load on us. We now affectionately refer to it as our evening hepatitis and AIDS shower. Today we had the building staff look into it and I think they fixed it as there was no dental drizzle this evening.

O’er the weekend Chris and I did a bit more CRONOMETER construction. Chris more so than I (he’s a code machine, especially since it turned out he was avoiding prepping for exams). It’s looking like it will come together real nice now.

~1700 kcals today. Lots of salad.

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  1. Comrad bilge / Apr 27 2005

    Hello Comrad Aaronski,

    Haha … heheh …. see our poker site. Haha … heheh …..

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