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Apr 19 2005 / Aaron

Lets get Physical


  • Post Wild blueberry almond crunch w/ Skim Milk (250)


  • Lentil Veggie Glop (380)
  • Mega Muffin (180)
  • Pear (100)


  • Grilled Salmon (200)
  • Broccoli (60)
  • Salad w/ Olive Oil (190)


  • 5 cups Coffee: (25)
  • Fresh Strawberries (30)

Ye Grande Total: 1415 calories

Going for a physical tomorrow. This will be the first one since starting CR. I *finally* have gotten around to it. It’s too bad I didn’t get one sooner, as I’d really wanted to have a pre-CR benchmark for comparison. Luckily, I’m only 4 months in, so I shouldn’t have seen too much changes yet.

Besides that, the CRONOMETER project at sourceforge is now alive. I invite anyone interested in participating in the development or design to join the mailing list I’ve set up there. Chris has been so kind as to chip in a hand at the start. I think he’s more motivated out of pure geekiness rather than a keen interest in the project itself, but that is just fine by me 🙂

I’ve been fairly low cal the last two days, since I went to a BBQ on the weekend, and haven’t been hungry anyhow. I also finally bought a thermometer and have been taking my temperature in the mornings. It is currently around 35.6 degrees Celsius (96.1 F). Let the bum jokes fly!


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  1. bilgebrains / Apr 21 2005

    What’s the scoop on your physical? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Yoda / Jun 24 2005

    What a joke ! There you are on this mega health trip with calorie restriction etc yet you’re on loads of coffee – and you don’t see any connection with your high blood pressure. Coffee is a mega stimulant. It’s job is to keep you wired and hyper and it does it well. Coming off it is like coming off drugs and that’s because it is a drug. Give your body a break and get real – you’re not prolonging your life whilst you’re on the coffee bean.

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