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Apr 14 2005 / Aaron


Well, I decided I liked my father’s suggestion of CRONOMETER. I must admit I have a weakness of puns and for blasphemous misuse of existing words. I also am a fan of ‘OMETERS’. My favorite feature name in Poker Academy is the Luckometer, afterall.

I just submitted a project request to SourceForge, so hopefully in a few days I’ll check in some of what I have. Then my geek coder friends like Chris and Chris can check it out, look it over, and then make fun of it.

I must admit, I haven’t done a lot of database projects, as I generally avoid databases like my cat avoids our vacuum cleaner. Maybe those aforementioned geek friends will have some constructive critisism 🙂

1650 cals today. I’ve discovered I really like brussels sprouts a lot more than I thought. I’d type it all in for y’all but It’s nearly my bedtime. My CRONOMETER will have to automatically generate blog reports someday. Ahh, dare to dream.

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  1. Chris / Apr 16 2005

    I’ll have to do that — I admit, I’ve been curious, and I’ve finally gotten around to having more time.

    I’m even looking over Amazons again to see if I can actually remember what it is I wanted to do with it 🙂

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