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Mar 16 2005 / Aaron



  • Banana (95)
  • Post Date & Raisin Pecan Crunch + Skim Milk (250)


  • Black Bean Soup (220)
  • Nectarine (70)
  • Grape Tomatoes (60)
  • Carrots (100)


  • Greek Salad (190)
  • CousCous, Spinach, Lemon (160)
  • Brazil Nuts (50)
  • Almonds (20)
  • Subway Turkey Wrap + Cheese (280)


  • 5 cups Coffee: (25)
  • Orange Juice (90)

Ye Grande Total: 1610 calories

First up, I’d like to draw your attention o’er to my father’s web site to gander at a sneak preview of his latest creation, the flying carpet. It’s only partially completed, but it represents 3 years of off and on embroidery work. I’ve seen this sucker in real life and let me tell you the pictures, unfortunately, don’t do diddly.

Meanwhile, on the diet front, I’m now weighing in at 168 pounds. That’s a net loss of 16 pounds so far, as I’ve been dropping at a steady rate of 2 pounds a week.

I’m currently reading a fantastic book by Sid Marty called Switchbacks. It’s a collection of stories from his days as a warden in the canadian rockies. He’s a fantastic writer, and manages to really convey the nuances of the mountains, and the life of the mountain men. What makes it all the better is that many of the stories are set in places I’ve hiked in banff, yoho, and jasper. The book is passionate, and it’s given me a few good laughs and even a few good tears. Two thumbs up.

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