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Mar 11 2005 / Aaron


Today we got a kick-ass review in MacObserver, by none other than Bob LeVitus, a long time Mac magazine columnist. Not only was the review glowing, but it was also very well done. Thanks Bob!

We were also recently mentioned in a review of our ‘competition’, DDPoker. Despite them reviewing DDPoker, it ends up making the case for our program instead.

And we also got a review in this month’s PC Gamer Magazine. Unfortunately it isn’t online yet, but it compares Poker Academy, along with DDPoker and another product. Again, Poker Academy was rated highest [80%/Excellent] of the three. Music to my ears.

Finally, I hear we’ll also be getting a write up in a future issue of Playboy. Finally a legitimate excuse to buy a Playboy. Scratch that. Wanking is perfectly legitimate.

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  1. bilge / Mar 12 2005

    Congratulations to you and your team! I mean it. Right-friggin-on, Gents.

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