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Feb 23 2005 / Aaron

Worst Day EVER

Oh man do I hate jerks who rip off people’s honest work. It has a particular sting when they rip off the stuff I’ve been working on the past six years. I’ll write more on this when I cool down in a few days, and have more information. I’ve said it before; the internet provides one with an endless supply of jerks.

In other news, this is really cool. Astronomers have discovered an entire galaxy of pure dark matter. That kind of news just makes me tingle all over.


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  1. bilge / Feb 24 2005

    I think it says a lot that your previous post is about donating software to a university and this one about hacker/unethical business types stealing source code. It says you are good at what you (and your team) do and that you share generously.

    The internet being what it is, I agree that it is fully of jerks. On the other hand, small bits of news travel far and wide. I think it is important that in a non-flaming manner that someone explain the facts, that only biotools has legal rights to the name, poki, and to the research and the AI for PA, that any others are thieves. Get that simple info out there, here and there, and let the nefarious internet work for you that way. Wot think?

  2. bean / Feb 6 2006

    spaz ur all spazes ………….im goin kill ur mom

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