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Feb 22 2005 / Aaron

The PR Machine


  • Bob’s Red Mill 8-Grain Cereal with Skim Milk & Raisins: (220)


  • Mixed Salad, light dressing (130)
  • Left over Cream of Veggie Soup (330)


  • 4oz Pork Chops (300)
  • Punjabi Chhole (220)
  • Mixed Salad + Nuts + light dressing (140)


  • 2 cups Coffee: (10)
  • Muffin (300)
  • Apple Sauce (45)
  • Happy Planet Fruit Smoothie (190)

Ye Grande Total: 1885 calories

Back to work today. We had a Press Release today about how we donated a bunch of our software to a University AI course. They’re going to use our Meerkat API to write their own custom poker bots and then presumably compete with one another. Sounds like a fun class. I hope we see some creative ideas come out of there.

Also confirmed that we’ll be attending the Canadian Poker Summit in March, when it rolls through Edmonton and Calgary. I’ll probably spend most of it manning the booth and working the demo.

Gotta go get my eyes checked. I think all this computery stuff is finally catching up with me. Oh well. With glasses, I’ll finally be geek complete. I never was truly accepted into geek circles, with just the two eyes.

Listening to: Hate Files by Fear Factory

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