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Feb 21 2005 / Aaron

Playing with dolls is fun


  • Diner Breakfast (poached eggs, sausage, toast, hashbrowns): (630)


  • Giant Mixed Salad, light dressing (140)


  • 12 spears Steamed Asparagus + light sauce (70)
  • 1.5 bowls of homemade Cream of Veggie Soup (370)


  • 5 cups Coffee: (25)
  • Mixed unsalted nuts (brazil, almond, cashew, walnut) (240)
  • Apple Sauce (45)
  • 2 slices deli turkey meat (40)

Ye Grande Total: 1560 calories

Spent the weekend in Drayton Valley, visiting Christine’s family. Spent the daytime at their local, volunteer run ski hill. Spent the evening playing The Urbz on XBox with Christine’s brother. It was surprisingly addicting, and also pathetic. There we were, two grown men, playing with what basically boils down to a sophisticated digital doll-house. We had to dress up our voluptuous digital barbie dolls, waltz them around town and work menial jobs to buy yet better clothes to fit into the local goth/skater/model/art/hiphop scene and to buy more stuff for their apartment. The apartment didn’t come with a working toilet, which we learned when my Sim peed herself and made a puddle on the floor. Later this damned puppy shows up and it just kept pissing all over the apartment. We had to chase it around with a mop. Anyways, creepy how sucked into it we got. Also picked up a copy of Burnout III; Takedown (Racing game). We’ll see if that one lives up to the reputation (Penny Arcade listed it in their top ten of 2004).

Had a nice greasy truck-stop style breakfast (YUM) in Drayton this morning, so tried to make up for it with a really awesome soup I made for dinner. Holy crap it was tasty. Cream of Veggies (Cauliflower, Broccoli, Celery, Potatoe, Carrots, Onions, Garlic), spiced with curry and pepper. Orgasmicly good, and low cal except for the bit of evaporated milk to give it the cream taste. Stole this recipie from my parents.

Saw the dentist today….turns out I didn’t have a cavity afterall. It was just a fleck of pepper wedged into a groove in the top of my tooth. Haha. Oh well, I was due for a check-up anyhow.

Currently Listening to: Remix Dystemper by Skinny Puppy

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  1. Rae / Feb 24 2005

    Two comments —
    I am a really old chick and I love all the sims.

    Also, Garelick fat free half and half is 10 cals per tablespoon with no fat or chloresterol and, most importantly, it tastes like regular half and half. I use it whenever I need a little creamy flavor and it works well. It’s full of chemicals, of course

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