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Feb 18 2005 / Aaron

Throb vs Blink vs Yellow


  • Banana Blueberry Smoothie w/ Soy Protein: (340)


  • Chicken Curry w Mangoe Chutney, 1/2 cup of rice (375)
  • Pint of Stella Artois (200)


  • Subway turkey wrap: (220)
  • Giant salad w nut mix, 1 tbs greek dressing: (280)


  • 4 cups Coffee w Cream: (60)
  • Fruit Leather (50)
  • Granola Bar (160)

Ye Grande Total: 1685 calories

Ahh, work today was fun, not just because of the fine pint of Stella at lunch time. The debate raging in the office today was blink vs throb, and bright yellow vs something more subtle. The issue? We need a more obvious way to highlight the current player at the poker table. We currently just switch the rectangular ‘seat’ graphic with a dark green one that has a whiteish border. It’s not terribly obvious unless you look for it. I’m making the push for maintaining subtlety, but having it animate as a slowly throbbing seat that throbs brighter like an Apple PowerBook’s throbber in sleep mode. Some of the office-mates really think a violent blinking is the way to go. Next thing they’re gonna want to use BLINK tags on our website. UHG. Then Scott introduced a violently yellow seat graphic for the highlighted seat. Hating it instantly, I did my best to hurt his feelings as much as possible. Unfortunately, this had little effect. What made things worse was Terry becoming enraptured by the yellow seat. Caught like a deer in headlights, Terry spent the large part of 10 minutes exclaiming how wonderful it was, as if he had finally attained nirvana. This did not help my case.

We can only hold our breath and hope that throbbing, the one true way ™ will prevail.


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  1. April / Feb 19 2005

    Hi Aaron! You’re doing great!


  2. anomynous / Feb 21 2005

    you coulda had 8 pints of Stella instead of all that other stuff…

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