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May 13 2013 / Aaron

Jawfish Poker is out for iOS

Jawfish Poker App Icon

Hot on the heels of our other two games, Jawfish Poker has just been released into the App Store. In this casual poker game, we’ve boiled poker down to it’s essence for quick action. Every hand is played heads-up from the pool of available players, and you can only go All-in or Fold. You only have a few seconds to act for each decision, so game play is super fast. You can play an entire tournament while waiting in the grocery line.

We also have a cash-game mode called King of the Hill, where players can come and go like in a cash game, but the player with the largest stack at the end of every minute of gameplay is the King of the Hill, and wins bonus coins from the jackpot pool. The blinds are dynamically set on each hand to be roughly 1/10th of the smaller of the two stacks, so every hand is a big decision. I hope you’ll check it out!

All in or Fold

Jawfish Poker

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