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Feb 6 2005 / Aaron

The Mighty Mouse

Been working furiously on a redesign on the website. I hope it goes over well with the methuselah mouse folks, cuz it’s been taking a long time fustzing with stupid CSS and the inconsitencies between all the major web browsers. Uhg.

It’s been a little over two weeks for the CRON diet. I’ve shed 4 pounds, which seems a nice healthy rate. Breakfast today was an egg scrambled with diced tomatoes, onions, and a little cheddar. Lunch has been a half cup of grape tomatoes, an orange, and a half a cup of fresh pineapple. Dinner is stewing in the crock-pot. A mix of veggies, lentils, barley, and kidney beans, and an indian style curry seasoning.

Chilling out today listening to Aphex Twin: 26 Mixes for Cash.


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  1. Chris / Feb 12 2005

    The music bit is amusing, since I stole that from Simon just last week and have been doing the same.

    As far as on-topic commentry goes, well, nothing here 🙂

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