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Jan 24 2005 / Aaron

What a Crock

Three days into my new diet and I already feel more energetic than usualy, although it’s likely placebo. Making a lifestyle change like this is often accompanied with a rush of motivation. Got a tasty smelling bison-yam-lentil-garlic-broccoli stew brewing in the crock pot. Started it a bit late, so I won’t get to dinner until later, but it smells so good it will be worth the wait. Seasoned with turmeric, paprika, and parsley. Stick that in your crock and smoke it, Betty Crocker.

I’ve kept under 1700 calories per day for three days going now, and honestly haven’t felt as hungry as I thought I would. I think the hardest part is just not eating big heavy meals when I am eating out (which I do quite frequently, as a social thing). It can be tricky to convince people I am on a strict diet now, since I am notoriously dubbed ‘hollow leg’ by some, and at 184 lbs, 6’0″, I don’t need to lose any weight; although it would be nice to shift 10lbs from my belly to my muscles 🙂

All last week I’d been tearing my hair out at work (where I am lead developer for Poker Academy) trying to figure out a bug some users were reporting in the latest version. None of us could figure out why it was crashing for these customers, and we couldn’t reproduce the problems at all on our work machines, or even at home. Let me tell you, a bug you can’t even observer or reproduce first hand is damned tough to debug. Even if you think you’ve found the problem, you can’t verify if it is fixed or not, until the user who was having the problem verifies it for you. It’s like doing open heart surgery blind-folded. Well we finally found ‘the bug’ today and let me tell you that was a relief. I just hope it’s the only one.

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  1. Chris / Feb 6 2005

    That’s one kind of bug-hunting experience that I haven’t had yet. I’ve had to spend days chasing down my own bugs, but at least those can be well-defined, and by definition I can see the results of my work.

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