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Mar 23 2004 / Aaron


I have become a Call of Duty nerd. Not such a hardcore nerd that I’ve joined a clan or anything. I’m still a free agent, so I still have my dignity. My Grandfather was in WWII and saw a lot of nasty action, and this personal connection has instilled upon me somewhat of a morbid fascination with the WWII era. That combined with the fact that I’m actually 0wnz0ring (or whatever the kids say these days) all the 1337 noobz with my fast reflexes, incredible aim, and advanced tactical skillz, make the game like sweet sweet crack-cocaine. Hah.

Going to go see Metallica tonight. Got tix for Xmas from Christine’s parents. I haven’t been to a big show in a while, so looking forward to some righteous old school metal.

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