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Jan 12 2004 / Aaron

Poki Poki Poki

Okay, it’s been a while again. I’ve been SUPER busy lately with work and contracts and holidays. The big event going on of late is the release of our new product at BioTools. This one is my baby, as I was the primary developer for it. We spent the last several months working on a commerical version of our Pokibot AI, and at long last we released Poki’s Poker Academy. If you like poker, check it out! It’s a great training tool for Texas Hold’em. If you ever play poker for money, our program will pay for itself easily. If you can learn just one new thing about playing the game, it pays off for the rest of your poker career. Anyways, our marketing has been a little weak so far, so spread the word ’cause I want to keep my job!

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