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Aug 13 2003 / Aaron

Misc Munchables

Long time to update. I guess that must mean i’ve been busy. Yup, I sure have. I’ve been working, hiking, consulting, scheming, reading, and playing poker of course.

Christine and I did a weekend excursion to the Lake Louise area recently, and did two nights in the backcountry. We discovered a beautiful gem of a place to camp — Hector Lake. It is under an hour hike from the highway, and is right next to a jaw-dropping beautiful mountain lake. We got to fall asleep to the sound of loons and wake up to the sight of tall mountains reflecting on the emerald waters. The only catch is that you have to ford a river on the way. It is a fairly wide river, and gets to be several feet deep (luckily it stayed below my bits and peices), where the current is fairly strong.

This friday I’m off to Vancouver Island with Christine. We’re going to a family reunion (my mom’s side) and then we intend to hike the Juan de Fuca trail.

I’ve also discovered the joy of Paradise Poker’s new 1v1 No-Limit tournaments. It’s fun and fast paced, and most importantly, most of the players suck really bad. I’m doing pretty well so far with 29 wins and 12 losses (a 70% win-rate). I havn’t tried the higher buy-in’s yet, but once I build up a nice big bank roll, I’ll give it a try.

I’m also involved in making a little program to help out the
Methuselah Mouse Prize which is a fantastic idea to help promote research into life extension and curing the aging disease. More people die from aging than any other cause of death — why do we spend so little on combatting this awful disease? It has a 100% mortality rate, and we are all afflicted. Hopefully this will raise public awareness of the problem, and excite research in the area.

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