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Oct 2 2009 / Aaron

New York, Day 2

Well it’s evening and the Jet lag is kicking in big time. I’ll be lucky to finish writing this post without dosing off. We sproinged awake this morning at 7am and hit the hotel gym and then had a leisurely morning with some porridge and fruit for breakfast. We walked the 20 minutes to the Guggenheim and spent a while there taking in the exhibit and the buildings structure. Next we hopped in a taxi to see Times Square. Talk about sensory overload. We were very hungry by that point so we stopped for lunch in the Planet Hollywood. While we were eating a press conference materialized right next to us. Lou Diamond Phillips and two of his co-stars were premiering their new Star Gate TV show. So I quietly ate my spinach salad while Lou made some hand prints and a gaggle of papparazi snapped photos a few feet from my table. We explored times square for a bit and then moved on to Rockefeller Plaza (we love 30 Rock). Then we wandered 5th ave and looked at all the fancy shops where you can buy handbags that cost more than used cars, and I made the obligatory geek pilgramage to the Apple Store. We popped into a non-ridiculous shoe store and I go some new shoes since my ratty old scetchers were really hurting my feet from all the day’s walking. Finally we wandered off to an English Pub and had a few pints with Aubrey De Grey, and chatted about his latest efforts to fundraise for SENS, which is a charity that directly funds scientific research into therapies that will clean up after metabolic processes that lead to aging and age related diseases.

Fun day, nuff said.

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