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Apr 23 2008 / Aaron


Apologies for my blogging absence. Working and socializing have devoured my time of late, leaving little for anything but passive modes of internet usage. I wish I could just poop out mountains of text each day. It was one of the motivations to start blogging in the first place. I need a way to train myself in the discipline of regular serialization of thoughts.

I admire those who seem to be able to effortlessly spew forth massive daily discourse, fully coherent as if it simply poured out of them in one crystalline piece. My three hindrances are

  • Discipline. It’s so much easier to just flip on the XBox and play some Call of Duty 4….
  • Organization. My mind is a fuzzy nebulous place. Writing requires a linear structure. It’s like learning to paint perspective, mapping three-dimensions onto two.
  • Originality. I find it hard to write about something if I know that someone, somewhere, has already said it, and said it better. I may as well just link to them and say ‘what he said’.

Nevertheless, tonight I find myself reclined on the couch, clacking away at this post. I guess I’ll hit ‘publish’ and then follow it up with some random ‘here’s what’s happening lately in my life’ kind of posts.

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  1. Donna / Apr 24 2008

    Aaron! Never mind blogging – You need to write a book! I can’t think of anyone who says anything better than you do!

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