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Mar 16 2008 / Aaron

iPhone Dev Time

Apple recently released their SDK for the iPhone and iPod Touch and I’m pretty keen to try it out. As a first project I am thinking of trying to write a lightweight port of CRON-o-Meter. Objective-C still looks like gibberish to me. It will take a little while to get used to it — especially since I work heavily in C and Java at my day job. More than anything though, switching to use XCode instead of Eclipse is by far the most painful step for me.

But alas, I need to keep my mind nimble. I don’t want to become one of those old dogs who can’t learn new tricks. I’m already feeling like an old-timer in some ways — becoming obsolete is a big worry of mine. Most of the code I work with at work is old-school, low-level C, so I don’t get a lot of time to play with the shiny new toys the kids these days are playing with. I need to trade off a few evening XBox marathons with a few good hacking sessions.


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  1. Al Kasprzyk / Mar 16 2008

    I like Xcode — a lot. It comes with some amazing debugging and profiling tools. And the Leopard version is much better than the Tiger version. So there you are. Now you know.

  2. Tim R. / Mar 16 2008

    The day you become even the slightest bit obsolete ‘old man’is the day I cash in my chips and take up turnip farming. You could program circles around just about anybody, even those ‘kids’.

    Time to change your spots, perhaps, but you are still plenty nimble.


  3. bill / Mar 20 2008

    You’re one of the last people I’d even begin to think about being an “old man”. I mean it. Not kidding.

  4. Rick / Feb 8 2009

    The fact that you are making cronometer is just amazing in and of it self. Myself personally, I have seen to lowest depths of old-timer-ism and you are not there.

    If it’s any incentive to you. the Objective-C++ model is very nice once you get use to it. Stay with .mpp files they will make you life much easier. The only thing the .m files are good for is frameworking because of the name munging issue, and in time that will go away as well (or should I say I’ld put money on it).

  5. McKinley / Mar 8 2011

    Hi, I’ve been using Cron-o-meter for a while now and really appreciate the level of detail that it gives me as compared to other run-of-the-line calorie tracking software. I was wondering whether or not you have abandoned trying to adapt it to the ipod/phone platform? The online version looks like it is going to be very good, but alas, it will not be offline functional or very portable.

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