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Jan 4 2008 / Aaron

Miss Vega O’Mega: 1999 – 2008

It is a sad evening here in Dublin. We arrived home this evening, and immediately knew something wasn’t right as Vega is usually there to pounce on us with love and affection when we walk in the door. Christine found her splayed on the floor in our bedroom, eyes open, body rigid, and a small puddle of pee. We have no idea how she died, as she seemed very healthy. Perhaps she got poisoned when roaming the neighborhood. Or maybe she simply had a heart attack — she would get really amazingly worked up when seeing another cat in our yard through the window. We got in a bunch of crying and then drove her to a local vet for cremation.

I’ll miss you vega. Thanks for 8 wonderful years of snuggles.


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  1. darse / Jan 4 2008

    I feel awful for you, buddy. You know how devastated i was when Xor died. I knew what was going to happen, and why, and i was able to hold him as he passed. This must be so hard, not knowing exactly what happened.

    I’m still stunned, since there were no signs of any problems with her this morning.

    In time, we will reminisce about the many many laughs she brought into our lives.

  2. kenneth / Jan 4 2008

    Oh man I’m so sorry… I love cats, she looks so cute. What’s you phone number?

  3. Your sister / Jan 4 2008

    A and C,

    Obviously my heart breaks for you. I am so sorry. She’s a member of the family. Hugs and sympathy.

    xoxox L.

  4. Chris / Jan 5 2008

    Oh, Aaron… I’m sorry to hear that. My sympathies to both of you for your loss.

  5. bill / Jan 5 2008

    Jeepers, that’s a loss for both you and Christine. Both of us are saddened by the news. We had such a great and often interesting time with Vega. She’s was a fine, quirky, lovable, sweet friend for you two.

  6. Uncle Roger & Auntie Donna / Jan 6 2008

    We were so sorry to hear about Vega. It must have been just dreadful finding her the way that you did. We are so sad for you both. Vega was so full of fun and excitement and we know you will miss her presence in your everyday lives. Our pets are vital members of our families and we love them dearly. With much love and understanding, we’ll be thinking of you both.

  7. Sam / Jan 6 2008

    So sorry to hear the news. I’ll never forget that Vega, sweet and crazy, a true Davidson.
    love and condolences, Sam

  8. Jessica / Jan 7 2008

    Hi cuz:

    I am so sorry about Vega. I know Vega has been a friend to you a long time. I agree with with Samual .. that cat was a lil nuts… ah yes part of the family. Love you Jess

  9. Auntie Jane / Jan 11 2008

    So sorry to hear about Vega-kitty. She was lucky to have you two. Love, Jane xx

  10. Jake Silver / Jan 13 2008

    that’s terrible. we lost our cats last year. i loved them both.

  11. cousin Erika / Jan 21 2008

    I am so sorry to hear about Vega=:( Steve and I know how much an animal can enrich your lives. We are sorry for your loss. I knew Vega and was so happy when she cuddled with me the last time that I saw her. Apparently an unlikely occurance=:) Sending your our love and thoughts!
    Love Erika and Steve

  12. Matt / Jan 26 2008

    Sorry to hear about what happened 🙁 I lost a pet, my 19 year old dog last year and I was very sad about it for a while.

    take care


  13. Bob Cavanaugh / Feb 2 2008

    Hello Aaron,

    Sorry about your cat. I can definitely relate as I lost two dogs between Oct and Nov 07. All 4 of my dogs gone now and still really down about it, but still have AllieCat who I bottle fed as a 10 day old abandoned kitten, now going on 6 years come May.

    Anywaze….can’t find your “Contact Us” link so..send me an email as I’d like to discuss a Cron-O-Meter matter with you.


  14. Larry / Feb 6 2008

    Well I wonder how she died! Sounds sad! Really Sad!
    Well got to go take a bath in some tea!
    Love Larry

    P.S I love you

  15. Jeannette / Feb 6 2008

    you are a very complex person who loves their cat that much!
    Well you shit get a new cat! Then i will love you!
    You are also so right about something! What the hell is going on in the world!

    Bye bye

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