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Dec 8 2007 / Aaron

The Slipping 2: Now with 30% more Slip!

Again this weekend I found myself digging through ancient files on my hard drive. I resurrected an old MIDI recording for The Slipping from 1998. I popped it into garage band and messed around for an hour or so.

Here’s my quick and dirty remix: The Slipping [GB Remix].

Recursive Cat


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  1. bill / Dec 8 2007

    The Slipping is a gas.

    Cool picture of Vega the cat, and in the photo on the bulletin board, the same picture of Vega the cat and … how deep does it go?

    Keep those tunes coming.

    I’ll be featuring Artichikin tunes on my blog sidebar, interspersed with tunes from A.A.L.T. and the Sam Davidson Group.

    Industrial-Neuro-Soya-Laser-Pulse-Beat Music is here to stay.

  2. J / Dec 12 2007

    Yeah cool but what the people really want is a remix of “Cat Food Baby”


  3. d / Dec 13 2007

    IIRC, there was only one level of Vega recursion.

    As one of the world’s leading experts on Artichikin, i’ll resist the temptation to OSTRACIZE your new version, and will go for a Long Long Walk instead.

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