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Dec 1 2007 / Aaron

Space Lotus

Here’s a followup hi-res rendering suitable for a desktop wallpaper of the ‘Space Lotus’ variant of the Buddhabrot. This is simply replacing the constant ‘2’ with ‘-2’ in the y-value iteration formula. This is essentially all I manipulated over time to create the Buddhabrot Cycle animation. I created the pulsating fluctuations by using a sine-wave function with an ever increasing magnitude, until it explodes and then cools down linearly to -2. Then I just cooled the RGB exposure thresholds to do the funky fade-out at the end. When the value is right at -2, you get this gorgeous flower image:

Space Lotus


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  1. bill / Dec 1 2007

    Dazzling and inspiring. I’ve got it as wallpaper already. Thanks!

  2. Bill Sautter / Jan 2 2008

    Hi. I’ve emailed you several times in past months at various IDs I’ve seen on your old research papers, etc. I’ve gotten no reply. I’d like to discuss some entrepreneurial opportunities with you. – Bill

  3. tom / Apr 20 2008

    hey bill… check out my website – im willing to do some work… been doing the buddhabrot for well over a year now!

  4. tom / Apr 22 2008

    oops typed it wrong.
    check it out now

  5. Tim R / Nov 16 2009

    Hi Aaron,

    Here is an interesting link to a 3D mandlebrot object.

    I hope it is new to you. The renders are awesome!

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